12 August 2006

Prayer for Contentment

It was much to give,
All of me; with the promise:
Complete submission,
Gratitude wherever You
Placed me, with sworn diligence.

I'm learning to trust,
Faith that You know, understand
My limits, better
Than even I. I'm sorry
For faltering and doubting.

In search of meaning;
Failure to forge my own path
While ignoring Yours,
Direction lost; forgetting
Promises from me; and You.

Renew my heart, mind
To have eyes for You alone,
Not searching for what
Tomorrow may bring; instead,
Seeking what I can do now.

You have placed me here,
Set responsibility
Before me. Much to live for
To be done for Your glory.
Invest in what's been given.

Lord, help me to be
Content, to focus on now,
Not seeking more things
Only more of You. Grateful
For undeserved worth in You.

Continue to mold,
Temper me. I desire to
Grow closer to You.

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