27 December 2006


Darkness surrounds now,
It crept into the corners,
The attic, basement.

Believed, was deceived
That it was under control,
But it overwhelmed

I embraced it when
It was all about. Then stood
Aghast; how could I?

Where Christ is, darkness
Cannot dwell. I avoided
Him for darkness' sake.

Again. How many
Times will I return to the
Embrace of darkness?

I can no longer
Forgive myself, and yet I
Know: again He will.

What manner of life
Is this? How can I watch it
Play out yet again?

Fire renewed, consumes
All, I surrender all; the
Former life thought dead

As I sing forth praise
Joy takes over the sadness;
Begin to grow lax

The fire fades, shadows
Dance, bits of old life return,
And I am entranced.

What can be done to
Ensure a better run? A
Life loved, He and I

All I know; what I
Do: rise again, find His path,
One step, another.

He is my refuge,
My strength; cry always for His
Mercy, love, and grace.

One step, watch after
His; another step, with Him;
And He, within me.

20 December 2006

Purity Applied

One thing to define
Purity, to speak rightly
Of Jesus' filling

Another to live
Purely in temptation's grasp,
Evil recognized

For evil comes not
As darkness with horns and fangs;
But as light, and sweet.

Pure life is tempted
In the face of evil, but
It turns from that face

To Jesus' face, for
Purity knows: only He
Can defeat evil.

Pride wishes to stand,
Argue temptation away,
Believes that is strength.

Strength is knowing that
Mine is insufficient. Turn,
Rely on God's grace.

07 December 2006


Purity is not
Strength, but a perseverance.
Perseverance through
Surrendering to Christ's strength,
His control; His purity.

It goes beyond change
In behavior, to invade,
Conform one to Christ.
Then evil is recognized
And resisted, not ignored.


The last verse is taken directly from Jaclyn's description of her blog.

I'd also like to point out the modesty survey at the Rebelution blog. They are currently taking questions from ladies to direct toward the guys later this month, centered around what is thought to be modest and what can cause us to stumble.