25 February 2006

Why do we call You ...?

Lord, the Sovereign one.
My life is no longer mine,
You are my ruler.

God, The Creator.
Perfect, All-knowing, Righteous;
You deserve all praise.

Jesus, my best friend.
You are with me forever,
Sharing joy and pains.


Wish to call You Lord.
Renew in me a clean heart,
So I will seek you.
Fill me with righteous desire,
I want my life to bless You.

Your glory abounds,
The universe proclaims You.
All nature worships
With beauty You created.
How can I not offer praise!

12 February 2006

Praise 2

You're at work in me,
I see new changes daily!
Rejoice in Your works.

08 February 2006

Praise 1

I'm working on a larger post, but felt the need to write something today. Found this:

You're my protection.
I feel Your strength around me,
Take comfort in You.