20 May 2006

Buying High

Lord, You saved me when
I was at my worst; I will
Praise You forever.

Search me, O God; show
What I have hidden. Let no
Vile thing dwell in me.

Let me not forget,
Reduce the meaning of: the
Price You paid for me.

17 May 2006

Days of the Year

"Jesus, my life is
Yours." How often has that been
Really lived this year?

Reference: CYS comic strip :D

09 May 2006


Is the Lord, your God,
Sovereign in your life? Or
Lord in word alone?

reference: R. C. Sproul teaching on "Adonai"

08 May 2006

Infinite Gift

God is infinite.
Without Him is to come short,
With Him; completion.


Listening to John Piper teach on his favorite subject, I needed to make note of what he was saying and did so with the first line here. Then, as I started to mark down the explanation I found this haiku. So this is merely a personal note on the need to expound on that first line: God is infinite.

07 May 2006

Grace Abundant

My mom found the following among my sister's English papers for this year. I share it with you with her permission that more than just family and her teacher could enjoy it.


Grace Abundant

You never promised that I would not fall,
You only promised not to leave my side.
Undone am I, I have ignored your call.
I drive the nails deeper; my face I hide.

No longer wish I that your love and grace
Would fall upon me. I deserve it not
For you to even gaze upon my face;
But you need not my works; my heart you bought

I punish myself, I long for the pain
that I have caused to fall upon me now -
But you refuse to let me take the blame.
You catch me in your arms and with grace endow.

My father, help me remember I'm yours.
I'm bought with blood and your eternal scars.

03 May 2006

Before You Go

Before you leave here
Have you prepared yourself for
The Spirit's power?

Open to His lead
Or will the worries of this
World pull and drive you?

Meet the world knowing
You have been saved, that God is
Working in your life.

Trust Him to proclaim
His glory through you with His
Wisom and power.

I can not live on
Yesterday's food. I must seek
Daily nourishment.

02 May 2006

Scary Prayers 2

You love the servant,
Lord, teach me to be humble
I want to serve You.

Humility that
I might put away my shame,
Obey Your leading.

Humility that
I might ignore all my pride,
Submit to others.

All I have of You,
Whence comes pride? All I do to
Bring glory to You.

Scary Prayers 1