13 June 2007

Still More Grace

Thank you Lord for letting me see
Baring my heart's deceit
I weep for the sin which abounds
More than I knew hides here
It conceals itself in noble
Pursuits; desires, righteous,
It hides in matters, gray; what more
Lurks still, hidden in me?
Teach me to love, desire Your Grace
I see how much I need
Just for what You have revealed here
Set my focus on You
Turning my eyes and heart to see
Only You, Your holiness;
I want to desire Your goodness
Daily filled wanting You
To grow in Your grace, not for sin
To grow still more; but Grace
To walk in Your ways, righteousness,
Grace to live, pleasing You.


Learning from Piper's second message at New Attitude 2007 - Discerning What Pleases God: Personal Obedience (available to listen to and download here)

06 June 2007

Prayer for Healing

On Monday and Tuesday, Focus on the Family aired the majority of a message given by John MacArthur on the National Day of Prayer last month in which he used Romans 1 to say, "I'm convinced, beyond doubt, that in the same sense, God has abandoned America" (that sense being as God giving Israel over to their idols as is in, for example, Judges 10:6-7).


One day, all will bow down
Seeing Your holiness; worship
Will be the World's response.
This nation I call home has strayed
Far, embracing the world
In pursuit of sin, seeks pleasure
Forgetting You, their God;
Please restore us, work in the hearts
Of this nation to turn
See Your holiness, You are good
Through Your work alone can
We see, turn, and walk in Your ways
I long for Your return
But I desire that this, my home,
Would be looking for You
That day, All seeking to worship.