29 November 2006

Toward Christ

I focus on the
Effects, bettering my life
Blessings I receive

These are not the point
Rather, God's sacrifice to
Become man, then die

The sorrow, the pain
Borne for our many sins. That
Is the true message.

I should not point to
My life, but my life should point
To the cross, to Christ.

Through Him are blessings,
But in Him lies salvation
Focus all on Christ.


Inspired by Sunday's My Utmost For His Highest.

22 November 2006


In that cold moment
Action added to word to
Create memory

In the dark, my will
Died, my old desires submerged
My first life was spent.

In His name, I died
In His name, I rose anew
For His will alone.

In this public act
Declare loss, proclaim turning
To life lived for Him.

Marvel at His grace;
Celebrate God's mercy; know
His goodness. Praise God!


I was baptized this past Sunday.

15 November 2006


Found in a sunset,
An army too small, teachers
Who can't speak. Glory.

Salvation for all found in
Your Son; Glory manifest.

Before Your glory
My pride hides; in Glory's face
My life is transformed

Let my gaze always be on
Jesus; faith, hope, trust in Him.

All hope of healing,
Found as glory overwhelms
Me; and transforms me.

08 November 2006

Free for You

I was blind, burdened unaware;
   Chained, my sin was to me.
You saw, cared; chains loosed, taken to
   Hang with You on that tree.

I leapt free rejoicing; until
   I saw that burden's cost.
Agony, pain; Your life drained free,
   To save me, one so lost.

Free; yet I find in me longing
   For that familiar weight.
Consume all of me, so over
   My will, Yours will hold sway.

01 November 2006

Return, I hope

Apologies are
Due, for lack of posts; to you,
Dear reader, and me.

To you: for silence.
To me: for regular thoughts
On growth ... require growth.

Excuses abound
But none suffice. Merely say,
I've returned, I hope.