26 November 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 12

This fallen culture
Threatens to overwhelm, God
Will preserve His own

19 November 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 11

My soul is troubled, tempted by offers
To escape. Many routes lay open, paths
For the coward. My foundation threatened,
Seemingly shaky, "avoid this battle
Pretend all is well," each temptation screams
But this must be fought, must be confronted
To renew and prove my trust, for the Lord's
Throne has not been left vacant, my God is
The righteous and just ruler. Walk in Him
Knowing He will lay waste to the wicked
But smile on the righteous, the pure in heart
Will see His face and return joyous praise!

12 November 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 10

Since pursuing You, life is turbulent
With each trial, my way, sent
Here another, You step back
To reveal all the ways that I lack
I know that this is Your time to shine
But forgetful, I treat this part as mine
Teach me to look to Your strength first
And consider mine as worst
To always walk near You, this I yearn
So to trust in You, I must learn
Not knowledge abstractly taught
But practiced, through toil bought

04 November 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 8

There was nothing, all was void
Then there was at Your breath
Creation birthed by Your command
Hints of glory all about

From the dust was culled man
Made uniquely to know You
Given reign o'er all so good
Wonder sparked for such love