21 January 2006

My Savior

Under my own strength,
I am helpless to resist
In temptation's face.

The world responds with,
"Be an individual,
You can overcome."

I'm insufficient
To meet This Perfect Standard.
I can't withstand all.

Sin, always my choice.
God offers His perfect strength,
- But for me to choose.

This journey of life
Teaches me to trust in God,
Not to trust my strength.

To learn these lessons:
Teach me to turn to You first,
Not rely on self.

Let me not forget,
That while my will (strength) might grow.
I can rest on You.

08 January 2006

Rightful Place

Land of wealth, treasure,
Have distractions all about
Which to choose tonight?

All focus, free time
On this world's pleasures, delights.
Leave no time for Him.

Others have a place
Entertainment, fellowship
Has its importance.

But, God must be first.
His place; above all others
Set none before Him!

I choose to follow
Focusing on forever,
Day I see His face.

04 January 2006


Working on something else, but my worship leader said something tonight that, while I've heard it before, stood out this time:

We pray with questions.
He answers with "Yes" or "No"
Always good reason.

Either way, heed God.
We do not know what we ask.
He answers in love.

But in other times
His answer feels so unclear,
For it's only, "Wait."

Your time is not now,
May not be as you expect,
But your time will come.