24 January 2007

Loving God

Is my love to God
As apparent as His love
Through blessings to me?

Reference: Recall What God Remembers

17 January 2007


Stop a moment
Breathe in
God lives
Is in control
Breathe out
In Him
Trust His strength
As the noise returns
Threatens to consume that trust
Maintain focus on God
Breathe in, exhale
Remember peace

12 January 2007

Hope in You

I have been brought low
To despair of me, but hope
Is renewed in You

For in you is all
Strength and will and compassion
To live to please You

My life is not a
Matter of giving my all
Proving love in acts.

Rather, my utmost
To seek out all areas
To be filled with Yours


Lord, please help me to
Continue to desire full
Surrender to You,
Always seeking anything
Which still resists Your filling