31 May 2007

New Attitude 2007

So I was at the New Attitude conference this past weekend. A tremendous experience that I hope to write about more. For now, as a first step in collecting my thoughts, I transcribed the notes I took during the trip. Since I took those notes with the intention of sharing them with those I know, I thought I might share them here as well. You can access them at:

I actually arrived late Thursday and used the day and a half before the conference to explore the downtown area some. That is also recorded briefly in my notes.

There are others that took notes live (or at least posted more immediately) including Challies.com, the Rebelution, and Boundless Line. They surely took more comprehensive notes than I. Finally, all of the talks have been made available for download for free, here.

The theme this year was on Discernment and the sessions included:
  • Josh Harris - Teaching an introduction to the topic
  • Mark Dever - Discerning Our Doctrine, on handling conflict in the church and how to recognize when to divide and when to agree to disagree (and disagree well)
  • Al Mohler - Discerning Your Culture, how to live in the world, but not of it
  • CJ Mahaney - Discerning Our Hearts, on recognizing idols our hearts create (hint don't trust yourself)
  • Eric Simmons - Practical Discernment, how to approach those "gray" areas in life
  • John Piper - Discerning What Pleases God: Himself, classic Piper message
  • John Piper - Discerning What Pleases God: Personal Obedience, Proper and improper ways to approach obedience to God
  • CJ Mahaney - Take It Back, Conclusion and things to consider for how to take back so much and begin to apply it

My starting place for application is with Piper's second message. There are things in that which I believe address some of the issues I've been struggling with lately.

If you do (or don't) read my notes and have questions and comments, feel free to leave them here and I'll respond as able.