10 December 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 16

What wonders from You have I tasted
Blessings without measure or compare
Use me so my life is not wasted
So with others Your blessings I share

I am forever tempted to stray
Fleshly pleasures seek to end my life
Preserve me as I look to that Day
Where there is no more sorrow or strife

Secured in Your shielding of my fate
Teach me to find my life's work for You
To replace the temptations so great
And live well as one of Your few

03 December 2008

Thoughts from the Psalms, 13

How long O Lord must I seek?
All is dark, all is bleak
How long O Lord will You tarry?
Doubts grow heavy that I carry
Come O Lord, show my ignorance
Dash my doubts, bring Your presence
Come O Lord, I will bless Your name
Proclaim Your works, increase Your fame