22 April 2006

All of Me

I awoke.
Squinting as the world comes to focus,
Tools line the walls; the forge lights the room.
How I came to be here matters not
For I know why, why I sought this room;
I seek the means to craft a weapon
To defend myself, perhaps others.
The materials were gifts from birth,
But purpose - my use for them - unknown.
I craft a sword; crude, the weight awkward
As I hold it up. With time and use
It will meet my needs: fend off mockers.

I awoke.
Visits here are without count, purpose
Of each lost to time. Instead, recall
Significant events which brought me:
The first time I struck a friend as the
Weight overcame my strength, when I cut
Myself reaching too quickly to fight,
When I met multiple threats at once...
With time and pain it lightened, grew in
Sharpness, but still durable; I changed
With it, adept at fighting off all,
Friend and foe alike; I protect me.

I awoke!
The King of this world, creator of
This realm met with me! My life had been
Without purpose, direction, only
Seeking my glory, my power, my
Pleasure. With these things I grew further
From others. I doubted the truth of
Friendships, grew lonely, depressed. The life
Of wandering no longer suited
Me, but I knew no other. This King
Offers direction as Lord of me.
I promise to help: to fight for Him.

I'm weary.
I have purpose, friendships grow in our
Common knowledge of Him. Still bear my
Sword, still live a guarded life; now a
Dual life - with troubles, I ask my
Lord for help, then fight them off alone.
Has my life changed? I have general
Direction, but I live my life as
Before; I live by this sword, forged from
Gifts from my Creator, now my King.
I must return to His court, Renew
My vow to follow His will; His way.

I'm hopeful.
"Lord, my King, this is my sword, something
Of my making from your gifts to me.
I believed it served me well before
I called you Lord, but it was leading
down a path to death, Death without trust,
Death alone. You saved me from that path,
On your path this sword can not help me.
I offer it to you: all of me.
Never again will I rely on
My strength. Teach me to trust in you, your
Strength; to rely on your strength alone."

I'm alive!


I thank you Lord for
This new life. Free of burden,
I offer my love.
All my life is yours to take
And fill with righteous desires.


This post has been a long time in coming; apologies for that. Critiques of the very different format are welcome and, as always, comments on the content are also welcome.

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Jaclyn said...

I enjoyed this piece very much! I especially liked the stanza starting "I'm hopeful." I like how it displays how Christ can take something "bad" and redeem it to be used for His name and glory... Blessings!