07 May 2006

Grace Abundant

My mom found the following among my sister's English papers for this year. I share it with you with her permission that more than just family and her teacher could enjoy it.


Grace Abundant

You never promised that I would not fall,
You only promised not to leave my side.
Undone am I, I have ignored your call.
I drive the nails deeper; my face I hide.

No longer wish I that your love and grace
Would fall upon me. I deserve it not
For you to even gaze upon my face;
But you need not my works; my heart you bought

I punish myself, I long for the pain
that I have caused to fall upon me now -
But you refuse to let me take the blame.
You catch me in your arms and with grace endow.

My father, help me remember I'm yours.
I'm bought with blood and your eternal scars.

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