13 December 2005

Scary Prayers 1

Lord, teach me patience
That I may rest in Your will
And trust Your leading.


Jaclyn said...

Scary prayers? I have a good idea of what you mean when you say that... especially when it is THIS prayer about patience. I remember a day about a year ago when I prayed this prayer for patience.

The day was a mess. I felt so impatient. I told my mom about it... that I felt God had given me extra chances to be patient and I had messed up on all of them! She said something like, "That's what happens when you pray for patience. Be careful what you pray for."

At that time she was joking (in a serious sort of way). It is true, though. We better be ready to receive what we ask for... and maybe be challenged beyond what we expected! :-)

Trin said...

Indeed. After my previous post on the importance of patience; I realized that having the reasons to want patience is good, but there was no way I would be teaching myself patience. In fact, left to my own devices, I'll do anything in my power to avoid situations that will test my patience.

So on Sunday after church, ignoring the voice telling me I don't have time to learn patience, I prayed this prayer. It felt like God was asking "are you sure?" when every light turned red on the way to lunch ;). This week has been interesting thus far.

Jaclyn said...

I love it when I feel like God says, "Are you sure?" I usually respond, "Oh no, what now, God?" :-)

So, what is Scary Prayer 2??? God help me be patient while you are teaching me patience?

No, I have one I pray... "God, give me faith. BUT, please don't test me like Job!" Praying for more faith scares me. Look at Hebrews 11 and what those souls went through in their journey of faith... I know, in my deep soul, that pain produces faith. I still get scared. God is teaching me true faith and what it really means to trust Him.