09 May 2006


Is the Lord, your God,
Sovereign in your life? Or
Lord in word alone?

reference: R. C. Sproul teaching on "Adonai"


Jaclyn said...

I like this one a lot, Trin! Is He sovereign in my life? That is a hard question and one I have to answer honestly and say, "no" for tehre is always another area or struggle where I am not completely abandoned to Him. Oh, to get to that point where He alone is my thought, my pursuit and my purpose! Truly, what DOES that look like in a life?

I am excited to hear R.C. Sproul Jr. at the Colorado home school conference this summer... that's the only reason I am going! ;-)

Trin said...

I suspect it will never be complete 'til that glorious day we meet Him face-to-face, but I think Paul makes for good example of a life given over to God :D. Interestingly, that was (sort of) Piper's radio teaching today.

Jaclyn said...

Very true. I cannot wait until that day! I wish I could listen to Piper's radio teaching, but it is on at 10:30AM, while I am at work, and my job is not conducive to listening to a sermon...unless I refused to answer the phone for 30 minutes. I'm not sure, even though my boss is a wonderful Christian man, if he would like that so much! :-) I should try to listen to them online... hummm....