27 December 2006


Darkness surrounds now,
It crept into the corners,
The attic, basement.

Believed, was deceived
That it was under control,
But it overwhelmed

I embraced it when
It was all about. Then stood
Aghast; how could I?

Where Christ is, darkness
Cannot dwell. I avoided
Him for darkness' sake.

Again. How many
Times will I return to the
Embrace of darkness?

I can no longer
Forgive myself, and yet I
Know: again He will.

What manner of life
Is this? How can I watch it
Play out yet again?

Fire renewed, consumes
All, I surrender all; the
Former life thought dead

As I sing forth praise
Joy takes over the sadness;
Begin to grow lax

The fire fades, shadows
Dance, bits of old life return,
And I am entranced.

What can be done to
Ensure a better run? A
Life loved, He and I

All I know; what I
Do: rise again, find His path,
One step, another.

He is my refuge,
My strength; cry always for His
Mercy, love, and grace.

One step, watch after
His; another step, with Him;
And He, within me.

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