03 July 2006

Reflections of You

How easy it is to sing praises of You
To recognize You in creation;
Your beauty in a sunset,
Your Majesty in the heavens.
While nature cannot help but reflect You,
I have a choice:
Will I look to You with the rising sun,
Will the world see Your love in me today,
Will I treat others with mercy and patience?
Or will I turn to the cares of the world for direction,
Will my life, my desires, match the world's,
Or will the world see You in me
As I see You in creation?
Lord, help me choose You each day
To join in ceaseless worship of You!


Jaclyn said...

Excellent, Trin. I think it should be put to music! Well done!

Trin said...

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to write with the intent to be sung rather than read (aloud). Likely from some combination of: I can't seem to rhyme well, it always feels forced rather than "right" when I try and my professed lack of musical ability.

Of late though, both of these excuses have begun to feel like, well, just that: excuses. That with practice and effort the problem could be overcome. Until I find the time and desire to apply myself, thought, musical translations of anything I write will have to wait for someone else that has that ability now. :)