08 June 2006

Serving You

Reading doesn't save me
Writing doesn't save me
Sharing doesn't save me
God saves me despite me

I desire to give
My life, yet parts of me grasp
Tightly to this world.
Help me to loosen that grip
To turn fully to You, Lord.

Lord help me desire to read of You
Lord help me write of Your works
Lord help me share Your Good News
Lord help me honor You with my life.

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

I have been meaning to comment on this one for a while now...

So many times we get lost in our "to do's" as Christians that we think that our doing is equal to our redemption. Yet, as you so perfectly put it: God saves me despite of me. There is nothing I can to to earn His favor, salvation or eternal life. If there was something that I could do then I would boast about it... but since I can do nothing, I can only boast in Him and attribute anything Got to Him alone.

So why is it that we hold on to things of this world? Why is it so hard to loosen that grip? Why would I think that anything here is comparable to knowing Christ and being found in Him- not having a righteouness of my own, but faith? The things I hold on to only get in the way of that process! What a struggle it is and I cannot wait to be free of it one day in heaven!