22 April 2006


Of what did you dream
Before you knew your limits?
The world was open.

What did you aspire
When you met your gifts? 'Fore dreams
Stolen by safety.

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Trin said...

When I wrote this, I wasn't positive of my answers. So I went in search (asked my parents ;)), but came away without a definite answer to the first question of what I wanted to become before I knew anything. So I'll say that I've always admired the idea of the comic book hero, particularly Batman :D.

For the second, the earliest career goal my mom and I could remember was the general desire to create, to design. Which at the time, meant architect or engineer (a friend's dad was a civil engineer which sounded interesting).

This whole exercise is part of a general search for what I should be doing now, based on ideas proposed by Eldredge (notice 2 of his books are over there on the right as recently read). But since I ended up an engineer (software) and I'm not sure how to derive life goals from Batman ;), another means will be needed to find direction.