18 December 2005

What is Patience?

Extreme avoidance
of submitting to a wait.
- Clearly Impatience.

Silently waiting,
Even though, roiling within.
Is that real patience?

Avoid long wait tasks,
But calmly endure forced waits.
Do I know patience?

Patience, a virtue?
Should it be more than neutral?
Where is good in it?

Patience, part of love.
Want to love all my neighbors,
Relate in patience?

Learn patience alone!
Endure: long but needed tasks,
As well as forced waits.

Apply with others!
As we seek understanding,
or forgiveness, thanks.

Remember God waits,
If we are to love as He;
He's patient with us!

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

A very good one, Trin. Oh, that I might have more patience!!! The patience of God with a sinner such as I should be enough to make me patient with others. Yet why is it such a battle inside?

I have a quote taped by my desk that says, "Impatient people are weak. Be strong." It is soooo true. If I was stronger and relied more on the Spirit as I should... I would be more patient.

Thanks for your reminders, Trin.