13 June 2007

Still More Grace

Thank you Lord for letting me see
Baring my heart's deceit
I weep for the sin which abounds
More than I knew hides here
It conceals itself in noble
Pursuits; desires, righteous,
It hides in matters, gray; what more
Lurks still, hidden in me?
Teach me to love, desire Your Grace
I see how much I need
Just for what You have revealed here
Set my focus on You
Turning my eyes and heart to see
Only You, Your holiness;
I want to desire Your goodness
Daily filled wanting You
To grow in Your grace, not for sin
To grow still more; but Grace
To walk in Your ways, righteousness,
Grace to live, pleasing You.


Learning from Piper's second message at New Attitude 2007 - Discerning What Pleases God: Personal Obedience (available to listen to and download here)

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