10 April 2007

This Day

I long to be clothed
In Your Holiness, shining
Your qualities out

Developing an inward
Change to show You to the world

This day, let me be
Disciplined before You, not
Serving my pleasures

Rather, living a life in
Your control, to Your glory.

This day, let me show
Compassion to those I meet
Forgetting anger

Frustrations over others'
Faults only obscures my own

This day, let me be
True to my word, diligent
In my works and plans

As You are faithful to mold
Me into Your perfect work

This day, let me not
Sin, striving for Your model
Of the perfect life

Shaping my character to
Yours and pointing to Your strength

This day, let me show
Your grace, caring for those who
Do me the most harm

Loving those least deserving;
You loved me: least deserving.

This day, let me let
Slide peeves and annoyances,
With blessing, honor

For You forgive me when I
Fall short of what pleases You.

This day, let me be
At peace in trial, drawing
Others to Your gifts

For it is then that my life
Declares You as its ruler

This day, let me sing
Your praises, dance without care,
And rejoice in You

For You bless my life more than
I could ever hope to share

This day, let me love
Without ceasing, loving You
And all those I meet

Discouraged, mourning, joyful
All need still more of Your love.


Based on the list found in Galatians 5:22, 23

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