14 March 2007

In This Place

I entered in, burdened with hopes
And cares and fears; kneeled, I
Entered to be shut in with Him.
In this place my burdens
Are lifted as His glory fills
The room, warming me from
Without with His light, igniting
My heart and mind within
"Holy, Holy, Holy to the
Lord of Grace and Glory"

Here my hopes inspire; outside clouds
Of worry weigh heavy
For here my Hope lives, my Savior
Is not hidden, obscured
Here, hopes are not mere wishes, but
Tangible, to be sought
They come through Him, come with promise
Desires placed within me
"Holy, Holy, Holy to the
Father of my Savior"

As life moves, so my cares increase
I fret, worry, despite
Knowing He will care for me. Will
All be well? Can I be
Content? Deserving punishment
For my doubts; His Spirit
Draws me close, bringing peace, comfort,
Making God known to me
"Holy, Holy, Holy to the
Sender of my comfort"

I long to be here always, my
Mind on Him, and my heart
Near; that in His strength I would not
Cower, but temptation
Would flee and sin's condemnation
Would hold no sway. Rather,
That my life would be a vessel
To proclaim God's glory.
"Holy, Holy, Holy to the
One working within me."

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