22 November 2005


I just wanted a give a brief introduction here as to what this page is for me. First, my name is Tringard; not the name many know me as, but it is the name I use for myself in dream, journal, and online. The expected purpose of this page is to provide a place to collect my thoughts on whatever subject I am currently meditating on.

I was raised Christian, I remember making the concious choice for faith when young (5 years old), but somewhere in my teenage years my (spiritual) growth stagnated. I was no longer living to love God, but instead fulfilling my selfish desires. I put on a good show for those around me, but God knew, and I knew there was more and that I should care. In the last year I've been particularly convicted of this and finally in August made the concious decision to go to all lengths to make God first in my life. To be able to name Jesus as friend so that I might look forward to meeting Him face-to-face one day. To let Him live through me so that I walk in His will and not mine own.

Each week (roughly) there is a new subject I am considering. Often related to the changes appearing in my life, topics of growth, and any other miscellaneous thorns in my brain begging to be explored. After I start forming conclusions, I've been converting the thoughts into Haiku. Perhaps some day I'll try my hand at a new type of verse, but that is the preferred form currently. It is these verses that will be seen here.

I've spent the last few months posting these verses to my Slashdot journal, but have recently decided they needed a better, more personalized context to show up, hence this site. I'll be reposting some of the posts from there, and then posting only here in the future.

- Trin